Specific Protein Analyzer PKL PPC 820


  • PKL PPC 820 for 1 channel and PKL PPC 824 for 4 channels
  • Specific Protein Analyzer ( 2 models with 1 and 4 channels)

Principle:                  Nephelometry

Main Features:

  • PPC820 is a semi-auto analyzer for quantitative determination of specific proteins in blood, urine samples, including HbA1c, HS-CRP, CRP, ASO, CYS-C, RF, mALB, D-Dimer, IgM, IgG, IgA, C3, C4, etc.  It’s an ideal instrument designed for medium or small labs or backup analyzer in large labs.
  • Our specific protein analyzer PKL PPC 820 is a nephelometry assay instrument intended to test the protein concentration through nephelometry assay since the antigen-antibody reaction can cause light scatterin
  • This analyzer uses nephelometry to measure the concentration of specific proteins. According to Rayleigh scattering formula, under a certain condition, the scattered light is proportional to the particle concentration. The calibration type for the Specific Protein Analyzer is Logit-5P.
  • The room temperature should be kept between 15℃~35℃, humidity less than 85%, atmospheric pressure between 86.0KPa-106.0KPa.
  • 7 inch Color Touch Screen
  • 10,000 data memory capacity
  • Automatic mixing and blanking
  • Build-in thermal printer
  • Support LIS software
  • 100~240Vac 50/60Hz F3AL250V
  • Dimension: 287mm (L) × 280mm (W) × 129mm (H)
  • Net weight: 7Kg


This analyzer can measure the specific protein content of the following items:

  • >
    Category Item No. Item Name English Name Unit
    HbA1c 104434 HbA1c HbA1c Unit
    Rheumatism DK001 ASO Antistreptolysin O IU/ml
    DK002 RF Rheumatoid Factors IU/ml
    DK003 DK003 CRP C Reactive Protein
    Cardiovascular DK004 ApoA1 Apolipoprotein A1 g/L
    DK005 ApoB Apolipoprotein B g/L
    DK006 Lp(a) Lipoprotein A g/L
    Renal Functions DK007 mALB Microalbuminuria mg/L
    DK008 B2M β2 Microglobulin mg/L
    DK009 CCP Anti-Cyclic

    Citrullinated Peptide


    DK010 LLC λ-light chain g/L
    DK011 TPR Transferrin g/L
    DK012 IgA Immune globulin A g/L
    DK013 IgG Immune globulin G g/L
    DK014 IgM Immune globulinM g/L
    Hemopathy DK015 ATⅢ AntithrombinⅢ g/L
    DK016 HPT Haptoglobin g/L
    DK017 FIB Fibrinogen g/L
    Hepatopathy DK018 CPL Ceruloplasmin g/L
    DK019 PCT Procalcitonin ng/ml
    DK020 C1INA Complement C1q g/L
    DK021 C3 Complement C3 g/L
    DK022 C4 Complement C4 g/L
    DK023 PAB Prealbumin g/L
    Infection DK024 hs-CRP Whole blood

    hypersensitive CRP

    DK025 hs-CRP Hypersensitive CRP mg/L
    DK026 A1AG α1 acidoglycoprotein g/L



    DK027 ALB Albumin g/L
    DK028 AAG α2-macroglobulin g/L
    Glycosuria DK029 D-Dimer D-Dimer g/L
    DK030 Cys C Cystatin C mg/L