Urine System Fully Automatic PKL PPC 330 + 360

PKL PPC 330 + 360
Complete Fully Automatic Urinalysis Workstation

• Fully automatic Urinalysis Workstation, providing optimized workflow,maximizing work efficiency.
• Full-closed hydrolic system, eliminating contamination.
• Providing comprehensive data for diagnosis.
• Offering a report that integrates the results of urine chemistry and urine
sediment automatically, minimizing the manual work.
• STAT function for both urine chemistry and urine sediment.
• Huge storage of data, the storage can up to be 50,000 results with images,with powerful data management.

PKL PPC330+360 Brochure

ok PKL PPC 330+360 Brochure also with reagents

To open the following link it is necessary Excel. The file is the Reagents consumption chart for PPC330+PPC360

PKL PPC 330+360 Reagent Consumption Cost (201607)



  • PKL PPC 330 + 360
  • Complete Fully Automatic Urinalysis Workstation


  1. PKL PPC 330
    Automated Urine Analyzer


SPECIFICATIONS:Parameters: Glucose, Protein, Blood, Bilirubin, pH,Ketone, Ascorbic Acid, Urobilinogen,Nitrite, Leucocytes, Special Gravity,Creatinine, Microalbumin, Calcium,MA/CR, Color, Turbidity

Wavelength: 5 LED wavelengths (430, 500, 565, 635, 760nm)

Test Strip: Dual-wavelength reflectance photometry

Specific gravity,color, turbidity: Physical Determinations

Throughput: 300 samples/hour

Required Urine Volume: 2.0ml,3.0 ml for online mode

Memory: Up to 4GB (up to 300000 results)

Display: Large color touch LCD (8 inch)

Maximal Racks: 110 samples, 10 samples × 11 racks

Strip Capacity: 400 strips

Printer: Internal thermal printer external printer is optional

Interface: RS-232, LPT, LAN, USB,PS/2

Dimension: 630mm × 626mm × 570mm (L × W × H)

Weight: 55 kg

Power: AC 100V~240V, 50/60Hz, 250VA

Fully Automatic

Stable Operating System:- Linux OS

Structural Design:- Simplified valve system to reduce fluid circuit complications
and integrated pump for easy maintenance

Advanced Analysis Component:- New CIS detection technology for faster and more accurate sample analysis

Stat Function


  1. PKL PPC 360
    Automatic Urine Sediment Analyzer


Parameters: RBC, WBC, SQEP (squamous epithelial cells ) , NSE ( non-squamous epithelial cells ), pathological casts, mucus,crystals, bacteria, yeast, sperm, and

Principles of operation: Digital Image Prossessing

Counting cell: Triple channels

Display: 22-inch LCD

Throughput: 70~100 samples / hour

Test mode: Auto loader mode, STAT mode

Bar code: Internal auto bar code reader

Sample: Native urine samples or urine sediment samples

Sample volume: 2.5ml non-centrifugal urine

Batch size: 50 samples, 10 samples x 5 racks

Memory Capacity: More than 50,000 results (include images)

Connection: PKL series urine analyzer test data; Available for connect PKL PPC 330 Automatic Urine Analyzer

Dimension: L650× W640× H560mm

Weight : 60Kg

Power: AC 100V~240V, 50/60Hz, 250VA

Triple Counting Channels– faster sampling and analysis with 3 flow cells to hold samples,duo lens and duo cameras for quicker analysis and better results

Highly intelligence–Images automatic joining together,intelligent identification,
Help recognition and review