PCR Cabinet PPC BIO 130


  • PCR Cabinet
  • PKL PPC BIO 130

PCR Cabinet is equipment that makes a partial clean air environment, its air current is vertical. It has applied to semiconductor industry, precision instrument, electronic component, optics apparatus, chemical industry, metallurgy and refining, magnetic material, micro-organism studies, medical science, research and some other departments. It is useful to increase the quality, precision, stability and reliability of products.

1. LED display. 2. UV sterilization system. 3. HEPA filter efficiency 99.999% at 0.3μm 4. Interlock function: UV lamp only can be switched on when the front window is closed, ensuring operator safety. 5. UV timer (1-99 minutes): When the setting time expires, the UV lamp automatically switches off in preparation for the next experiment.

Optional: Base stand

Model Internal Dims (mm) External Dims(mm) Package Size(mm)
PKL PPC BIO 130 900*595*560 1000*705*1770 1160*920*1350