Fume Hood Cabinets


  • Fume Hood Cabinets
  • PKL PPC BIO 153 / 154 / 155


FH series Fume hoods are the first defense to minimize chemical exposure to research workers. They are considered the primary means of protection from inhalation of hazardous vapors. 

Fume Hood is used to protect lab environment and operator during general chemical applications. It actively protects operator from inhaling toxic vapors and dramatically reduces the risk of fire and explosion. By installing proper filter, it can also protect environment.

Optional: Base stand

Model Internal Dims (mm) External Dims(mm) Package Size(mm)
PPC BIO 153 880*730*745 1000*840*2150 1230*1120*1680
PPC BIO 154 1080*730*745 1200*840*2150 1350*1120*1680
PPC BIO 155 1380*730*745 1500*840*2150 1650*1120*1680