Elisa washer PKL PPC 240

Compatible with U, V, or flat-bottom plates
Up to 100 wash protocols programmable
Minimal residual volume
8-way and 12-way wash heads interchangeable
Unattached absorbing head and dispensing head
Positive displacement pump with low noise
Overfill washing and overflow protection
Automatic waste liquid warning
Incubator for 2 microplates



• Specially designed Manifold assembly to prevent any scratching on bottom of well
• Auto rinse facility while shut down
• Ability to wash single strip of 8 wells
• User programmable soak time, wash cycles and dispensing volume
• On Board two plate incubator at 37°C with programmable timer
• Waste bottle full warning with audible alarm
• Continuous aspiration to prevent overflow
• Removable manifold
• Cross wash/sweep wash facility
• Built-in stabilizer
• Auto detection of bottom of well and collision prevention

• Manifold: 8 Way Manifold autoclavable
• Dispensing: Programmble up to 3000 μl

• Method: Continuous through diaphgram pump while
dispensing hence preventing overflow
• Residual Volume: <2 μl
• Waste Bottle: One (Capacity 2 litres) with audible alarm
• Wash Bottle: One (Capacity 2 litres)
• Display: 16 digit alphanumeric fluorescent
• Liquid contact materials: Silicon, Stainless Steel, Derline
• Memory: 100 open Channels
• Washing Method: Plate Wash, Strip Wash,Bottom Wash,
Overflow Wash, Rinsing,Priming, Disinfect
• Shaking: Multi Step shaking
• Incubator: Fot Two ELISA Plates, 37°C
• Timer: Individually Programmable 2 Nos.
• Power: 50 Watts/115 – 240Volts ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
• Weight: 6 Kgs.