Elisa washer PKL PPC 152



  • 5-inch LCD display.
  • Easy to name, edit and save different 100 wash programs.
  • Any line and hole can be easily cleaned, unnecessary to complement the whole plate or strip.


  • Stop or Pause key in the panel can be chosen to stop or pause during working.
  • Aspirating in 2 positions, residual volume <0.7~ 1.
  • Multi-plate can be selected by default settings or manual operation.
  • Microplate holder is detachable, which makes easy to disinfect and maintain it.
  • Suitable for flat, U and V-bottom microplates.
  • Special rinse procedure makes easy to maintain the device and reduces contamination between plates.
  • Wash bottle filter keeps sediment in the solution away the pipes.
  • The control technology for pump pressure can avoid clogging in needles.
  • Automatical rinse procedure by distilled water when turn on or turn off can avoid crystallizing in the pipes.
  • Detachable manifolds makes easy to clear particles in the manifolds.
  • Waste water sensor avoids overflow in the waste bottle.
  • Scientific structure design avoids bottom contaminating.
  • Patent design of washer manifolds avoids it out of position or flop.


  • Plate models: flat-, round -, U-, V- plate (96-well and 48-well)
  • Manifold types: 8- and 12- way
  • Wash times: 1 to 99 times adjustable
  • Wash lines: 1-12 lines selectable
  • Residua! volume: <0.7 ~1/well
  • Wash mode: plates or strips
  • Dispensing uniformity: CV < 1.5%
  • Dispensing volume: 50-950 ~1. interval 50 ~l adjustable
  • (May extend to 0-6000 ~1. interval 25 ~l adjustable)
  • Number of dispensing channels: 3 channels
  • Soaking and shaking time: 0-999 (seconds/minutes/hours) adjustable
  • Aspiration time: 0.1-9.9 seconds adjustable, interval 0.1second
  • Pipeline wash time: 0-240 seconds adjustable
  • Distilled water automatically wash interval: 0-20 plates
  • Bottom holder is slope, in order that all waste water can be pumped out , which can prevent microplates from contaminating.