Class III Biosafety Cabinet PPC BIO 134


  • Class III Biosafety Cabinet
  • PKL PPC BIO 134

Class III: The Class III cabinet is a totally enclosed ventilated cabinet of gas-tight construction. Operations within the Class III cabinet are conducted through attached rubber gloves. The Class III biological safety cabinet will provide personnel, environment and product protection. Class III cabinets can be used to operate infectious agents (usually Classes 3, 4 or 5)

1 Complete sealed: Front window is sealed, and with pairs of gloves connecting to the operation area, product is transferred by the delivery window. And there is no out-connected valve

2 100% exhaust: 100% air exhaust, no air recirculation, and air is exhausted by three ULPA filters and to the room directly. If the air needs to be exhausted to outdoors, another out connected duct need to be ordered, and extra duct and motor are required.

3 Complete negative pressure: The two motors design makes interior of cabinet is complete negative pressure, and can reach -274pa, triple layers filter film, ensures operation’s security, neither substance nor polluted air will leak out.


Model Internal Dims (mm) External Dims(mm) Package Size(mm)
PKL PPC BIO 130 900*595*560 1000*705*1770 1160*920*1350