Centrifuge Refrigerated PKL PPC 506R




Table Top Refrigerated Centrifuge

506R tabletop low speed large capacity refrigerated centrifuge. Ideal for Medical, Life Sciences, and Agricultural Sciences fields and so on. This machine can match different rotor types and many kinds of volumes, which support kinds of Laboratory tests and Small batch preparation and separating blood bag requirements. Its Max speed is 5000r/min, Max. RCF is 4730×g, Max. volume 4×800ml. 506R has fast cooling down function, and use brushless frequent motor drive, microprocessor control system, soft control touch panel, digital display run parameters, adjustable acceleration & deceleration, and auto-electric lid interlock with alarm for a combined safe protection system. We assure you of “stable function, Quiet noise, Simple operation, Convenient using ”!

  • Main specification and technical parameters:
Max. Speed 5000 r/min
Max. Volume 4×800ml
Max. RCF 4730×g
Temperature range -20℃ ~ 40℃
Timer 99h 59min
Temperature Accuracy ±1℃
Speed Accuracy ±50 r/min
Noise ≤ 62dB(A)
Power supply 220V ~ 50Hz  15A
Dimension 700mm×715mm×420mm
  • Available rotors:                
Rotor No. Rotor Type Max speed (rpm) Max Volume(ml) Max RCF (g)
No.30671 Swing out rotor 4000 4x800ml 3450
No.30696 Swing out rotor 4000 4x500ml 3380
No.31377 Swing rotor head  
 swing out rotor 5000 4x50ml 4730
4000 8x100ml 3020
8x50ml 3200
24x15ml      3200
32x15ml      3200
4000 88x5ml vacuum tube 2480
160x5ml vacuum tube 2480

         88x7ml vacuum tube

No.31377 swing out rotor 4000 32x10ml vacuum tube 2790



32x7ml vacuum tube adapter
32x5ml vacuum tube adapter
48x10ml vacuum tube 2880
48x7ml vacuum tube 2760
48x5ml vacuum tube 2480
72x10ml vacuum tube 3140
160x7ml vacuum tube 3140
No.31376 Micro plate rotor 4000 2x3x48 well 2300
No.31494 4x4x96 well 2840
No.30638 Angle Rotor 5000 6x15ml 2540
No.30607 Angle Rotor 5000 12x15ml 3080
No.30639 Angle Rotor 5000 24x15ml 3500
No.30640 Angle Rotor 5000 4x50ml 2520
No.30611 Angle Rotor 5000 6x50ml 2850
No.30641 Angle Rotor 5000 12x50ml 3860
No.30613 Angle Rotor 5000 4x100ml 2630
No.30614 Angle Rotor 5000 6x100ml 3130
No.30642 Angle Rotor 4000 12x100ml 2970


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