Centrifuge for Hematocrit PKL PPC 512





This unit is designed for flexibility and ease of use in the Laboratory , Hospital and Blood Bank.

Brushless frequency motor for model PPC 512, free maintenance, no powder pollution , quick in speed up and down.

Emergency lid opening switch , rubber fastenings, small vibration-free operation.

There are 10 kinds of program and 10 kinds of accelleration and decelleration for your choice.

Technical data:

Max speed:                                  12.000rpm

MAX Rcf:                                      15800*g

MAX Volume:                                24 pieces capillary

Power Supply:                               AC220V, 50Hz

Timer:                                            0-99 min.

Noise:                                           <55dBA

Dimension(LxWxH)                      13 Kg

Speed accurancy:                        +-10 rpm

Package:                                      Cartoon box

Rotors for PKL PPC 512

Max speed (rpm) Max Volume (ml) Max RCF (g)
12000 12 pieces capillary 15800
12000 24 pieces capillary 1580