Centrifuge Biofuge-8 PKL PPC 502A




Technical Parameters:
• Max speed: 4000rpm
• Max RCF: 1880xg
• Max volume: 8x15ml
• Noise: ≤58dBA
• Timer: 1~99min
• Net weight: 6,5KG
• Dimension(HxDxW): 26×29,5×20cm
• Power supply: AC 220V 50HZ 5A
• Package: carton box
• Speed accuracy: ±20rpm


Portable, tabletop centrifuge with a maximum RPM of 4000 r/min, maximum volume of 8 x 15mL and maximum RCF of 1880 x g. It has a brushless DC motor and digital display. It has a simple construction and it is easy to maintain.

The intended use of this product is to prepare platelet rich plasma through the separation of blood. This tabletop low speed centrifuge is widely used in the fields of clinical medicine, biochemistry, genetic engineering and radioimmunology.

Rotors for PKL PPC 502A:

Rotor No. Max Speed (rpm) Max Volume (ml) Max RCF (g)
Angle Rotor 4000 8x15ml 1880
Angle Rotor 4000 6×10ml 1880
Angle Rotor 4000 12×7/5ml 1720
Angle Rotor 4000 8×7/5ml 1800

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