Centrifuge Biofuge-32 PKL PPC 505A




Technical Parameters:
• Max speed: 5000rpm
• Max RCF: 4730xg
• Max volume: 4x300ml
• Noise: ≤58dBA
• Timer: 0~99min
• Net weight: 52KG
• Dimension(HxDxW): 360×621×450mm
• Power supply: AC 220V 50HZ 5A
• Package: carton box or wooden box
• Speed accuracy: ±20rpm

• PPC 505A centrifuge is of microprocessor control, less noisily, it is widely used to qualitative analysis of blood serum,plasma and urea in the fields of hospital, blood center, beauty industry and biochemistry.
• Brushless frequency motor for model PPC 505A which in great torque, free maintenance, no powder pollution, quick in speed up and down.
• Quiet, smooth in operation and small vibration.
• There are more than 20 kinds of rotors for your choice, suitable for different customers’ requirements of separation.
• Micro computer control system, digital display the RCF、time and speed. There are 10 kinds of program and 10 kinds of acceleration and deceleration for your choice.
• Automatically electric lid lock, compact design, super speed and imbalance protection.
• The centrifuge body is made of high-quality steel, safe and reliable.

Rotors for PKL PPC 505A:

Rotor No. Max Speed (rpm) Max Volume (ml) Max RCF (g)
Angle Rotor 5000 30x15ml 3200
Swing Rotor 4000 32×15ml 2880
Swing Rotor 4000 48×10ml 2880
Swing Rotor 4000 4x300ml 2920
Microplate Rotor 4000 8x96well 2490
Microplate Rotor 4000 6x48well 2300
 Swing Rotor  4000 48×7ml Vacuum tube adapter  2790
 Swing Rotor  4000 48×5ml Vacuum tube adapter  2790

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