Blood Gas Analyzer PKL PPC-80800A/C/E

PPC-80800E (pO2/pCO2/HCT/pH/K/NA/CL/CA/Lac/Glu) 
PPC-80800A(pO2/pCO2/HCT )

Blood Gas & Electrolyte Analyze


1.The BGE-80800 analyzer system is an automated analyzer for determining pO2,
pCO2, potassium(K+), sodium(Na+), chloride(Cl-),ionized Ca(Ca++),pH and tHb in
the arterial, venous and capillary whole blood sample.
2.This analyzer is intended for using by trained technologists,nurses,physicians
and therapists in a laboratory environment,near patient or point-of-care setting.

Models are different when configuration changes.

The system can analyze sample obtained from the following sources:
1. Arterial blood
It is commonly recommended for use in blood gas studies because it accurately
reflects acid-base physiology and oxygenation status.
2. Venous blood
Venous blood can provide satisfactory pH and pCO2 values, however, venous pO2
values may not be significant in routine clinical study without simultaneous study of
arterial pO2
3. Mixed venous blood
Mixed venous blood(pulmonary artery) blood may be obtained from a pulmonary
artery catheter after carefully clearing the catheter of infusion fluid. Take
appropriate precautions to prevent mixing of pulmonary capillary blood with the
pulmonary artery blood.
4. Capillary blood
Capillary blood, when carefully collected under the proper conditions, resembles
arterial blood and can be used for blood gas studies if the sample limitations are
understood. Only small quantities of blood are required for capillary blood analysis.