Biological Microscope High PMC-30


  • Biological Microscope High
  • PMC-30

Personal  belonging of young  scientists

PMC-30 biological microscope with elaborate appearance and reliable quality, is beautiful and practical. Its easy operation and clear image inspire students’imagination and interesting of microscopy world,is helpful to  explore the mystery of life science. New generation of scientists are born from here.

  • Standard : Binocular tube
  • Optional : trinocular tube , Video , Fluorescence and other . Ask for complete list

Infinite optical system
Seidentopf binocular head,30o inclined,360o rotatation.
Eyepiece: WF10X/20mm. Interpupiary distance: 50-75mm
Infinite Plan objectives: 4X,10X,20X,40X(S,OIL),100X(S,OIL)
Mechanical stage with removable slide holder 190×140/78x55mm
Condenser: Abbe type N.A.=1.25 with Iris Diaphragm.
Focusing: Coaxial coarse/fine focusing knobs.
Kohler Illumination: 6V/20W halogen lamp or 3W LED adjustable.