Automatic Electrophoresis System Elpho Agarose Gel




ELPHO Agarose Gel performs the automatic electrophoresis of Serum Proteins, Hemoglobin, Lipoproteins, Isoenzymes, not concentrated Urine protein etc., and other methods that require incubation step, which will be performed in a automatic way. Additional specific instructions for the methodologies will be describe in the provided kits.

Analysis Type Serumproteins, Hemoglobins, Urine Proteins.
Supply in use Agarose Gel
Analytical Capacity 1 to 26 samples,
Analytical Cadence 26 samples in 45 min
Technical Type Micro
Sample plate Samples plate base and drying of the washable applicator.
Reading System Scanner Densitometer integrated with 13 independent canne. O.D. 0-3
Bright source 13 ultrabright led.
Fluidic Load, recover and disharge all reagent with fluidic full Automatic
Sample Holder 2 lines of 13 samples (total 26 samples holes)
Migration supply Coastant voltage till 400 Volts, costant Current variable and Watt Control
Temperature control migration Temperature Migration controller with Peltier and transistor for essication of gel
Robotic Arm Mechanical plier with electromagnet and Hall effect control of the objects presence
Applicator 13 teeth not indipendent washing with automatic water circulation and drying.
Moving Liquid Peristaltic pompes and solenoid valves
Level Liquids Control In the internal small basins with time infrared probes;
in the external tanks with immersion probes.
Interface USB, LAN net
Supply 220 – 240 Vac 50 – 60 Hz
Size Cm. 50 X 45 X 45 (LPH)
Weight 35 Kg
Operation System Windows 10 or Windows 7
User Interface PC & Keyboard ; mouse. (external PC)
Softwar Dedicate Software with methodic changeable management.

A robotic unit that performs in a fully automated way all the phases of the process. An external Computer runs the robotic controllers ;