Clinical Analysis Laboratories

Products for Clinical Analysis Laboratories, In Vitro Diagnostics, Analysis Equipment, accessories and more.

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Chemical Analysis Laboratories

Products for Chemical Analysis Laboratories (Industry, University and more) with Pure Chemical Products for Analysis, Glassware and accessories, Laboratory Furniture, Various Scientific Equipment and more.

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School workshops

Products for school laboratories with materials for Chemistry, Physics, Biology and more.

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Sanitary items

We provide a
line of health products in general such as disposable syringes, gloves and much more.

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POR Campania FERS 2014-2020

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News and events

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

During the Christmas period, the Paramedical will be closed only on the following days: 24-25-26-31 December – 1 and 6 ...
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All our products have the CE mark
and the most modern certifications.


We provide an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Technical Assistance Service on all the Equipment we supply and on many others.
Do you need a technical intervention on your device?
Contact us.

Products for the research of COVID-19

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Laboratory Line for Campania